Technical writing and editing

TERENCE PYLE / Technical Writer & Editor for Over 20 years


Examples of my expertise in healthcare include design and production of medical device user manuals for nurses, physicians and technicians, who provide care to patients. I also develop medical device service manuals for technicians to be able to install and maintain a manufacturer’s product.

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Writing and editing of engineering design documentation for defense electronic systems. I’ve developed technical documentation for software and hardware in embedded systems. This can include guidelines, document templates, and checklists that assure documents are complete, accurate and meet an appropriate level of quality.

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I create structured lessons for improving the job task-related performance of learners. I have developed training materials that increase the knowledge and skills of learners, while building their expertise in the safe and proper operation and maintenance of electronic equipment.

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I approach my work with a sense of inquiry about how things work and how best to explain it to others. I’ve developed a sense of order that helps me to seek out organization where it does not exist. For most of my life I have had an innate curiosity about technology and learning new things.

No matter what the type of product or industry, I have a track record of making complex technologies understandable, and instructions clear and concise.

My experience gives me insights into many technologies and audiences, so I can be a valuable resource for any team. I have designed, written and edited user guides for both medical devices and defense electronic systems; and created service manuals for technicians in proper product installation and maintenance. Working directly with development teams, I’ve written documentation for a wide range of new hardware and software products.

For training, I have developed instructional materials that include web-based modules as well as instructor and student study guides.

Terence Pyle, Technical Writer & Editor

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